Elections 2016: The time has come

The Time Has Come
by Sparks Editor-in-Chief


Filipino Youth Sector Filipino Youth Sector (CNN PH Photo)

By Monique Domingo

Yes, we have come to this. The time has come for the youth to take a stand. Perhaps there really is an expiry date for caring about only the “I” and “my” matters. How do I look? How do I impress my friends? What shoe color matches my blue dress?

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Political families, head-to-head in DWCB mock polls

Even in a campus-based mock election, the rivalry among known political families in Abra remains stiff. In the mock polls conducted by the Sparks and the Abraeniana Institute and Research Center on March 16-18, 2016, political clans went head-to-head against each other until the end of the race.


In the post for Congressman, La Paz’s Mayor Joseph “JB” Bernos garnered  a slim 25-vote margin against closest competitor, San Juan Mayor’s Marco Bautista. Meanwhile, Dr. Joselito Bringas, with 58 votes and Cecilia Luna with 42, came out the distant 4th and 5th placers respectively.

Another tight race featured gubernatorial candidates, Cong. Jocelyn “Joy” Bernos and Ruby Bersamin. With the latter trailing by 24, Bernos emerged DWCB’s top choice. Antonio Viernes and Robert Bustamante meanwhile got only five votes and one vote respectively.

For the Vice-Governor spot, a difference of only two votes determined the winner. Rolando Somera got a total of 138 votes against closest rival, Ryan Luna’s 136. What seemed to be a neck and neck battle between Somera and Luna also involved Ronald Balao-as who managed to receive 75 votes.

This year’s mock poll results show the intense political rivalry among local candidates, with no one earning a commanding lead against toughest rival.




The truth behind our votes

By Janrey P. Pacio


 As we live in this world, our rights and responsibilities also live with us. These are two things which we cannot separate from each other. Of all these rights and responsibilities, one that needs a careful decision is the power to vote. There is such a crucial task behind voting. It may make or break a nation, an organization, or an institution. It is a very special task that seeks a wise decision of the mind and a strong consent of the heart. An immature mind leads to careless decision and such kind of decision brings danger, not only to the one who made it but to other affected as well. Now, if we allow ourselves be covered by the immaturity of the mind, where do you think will our votes take us?

Leadership does not just pertain to someone who is in the position. Instead, it also applies to someone who chooses a leader. By being very smart in choosing the best leader possible, the act itself equates to a sense of leadership within. I say so because making that crucial decision actually teaches anyone to lead oneself to the right path. We, as the electorate, have the responsibility to choose a leader that will lead everyone to progress. By making a good choice, we can possibly say that voting is worthwhile. We choose someone willing to create a way where improvement, trust, integrity, and unity will be achieved.

There are lots of cases already wasted. A lot of rights and responsibilities have been thrown away. Now, if we still allow ourselves to be captured by mistakes brought about by unwise decisions, what do you think our future could be? It is time for us to act and be firm in our protecting our rights and acting out our responsibilities. To choose a leader is not to be dazzled but rather to be awakened by the truth that hits us in the eye.

Where do you think will our votes take us? The answer is in our hands, in our own decisions, and not in the hands of anyone else.

Poe, Marcos, Sotto top DWCB mock national polls

On March 16-18 2016, Sparks together with the Abraeniana Institute and Research Center, conducted a mock election. About 400 college students cast their votes for the national and local posts. The results for the national positions are as follows:

For President, the top three picks Grace Poe, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and Jejomar Binay had a tight race until the end. Eventually, Poe garnered the highest votes, leading by 28 against her closest opponent. Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas placed 4th and 5th respectively.

A landslide victory in the vice-presidential race meanwhile went to Ilocandia’s Bongbong Marcos. With Marcos getting votes past the 60% mark, the other five candidates struggled to keep up.


For the senatorial post meanwhile, the following are DWCB’s top 12 pick:


Sparks canvassed the votes last March 18 and posted the results in front of the Sparks Office and the SASE (School of Arts, Sciences, and Education) Department two days after. EMD